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Building a muscular, athletic physique is highly rewarding.
When you train regularly, you feel more confident, have more focus and even sleep better. Controlling body-fat and appetite is much easier. You develop the kind of power and strength that improves your performance in the gym and on the sports-field. Exercise floods your body with endorphins — nature’s best feel-good hormones. And, of course, your physique looks great.

You enjoy training and are committed to your physique. So you deserve sports nutrition that really works.
Even the most informed sports nutrition users can feel confused finding a company they can trust. Mainstream companies target beginners with over-priced and under-formulated products, while no-frills suppliers offer basic ingredients, but who knows where they are from? Then there are those bodybuilding-obsessed companies that use pictures of huge muscle-monsters, and a sprinkling of pseudo-science, to shift over-hyped tubs of mysterious powders.

Sci-MX is different. We are the smarter choice for more intelligent users.
There is more than one reason Sci-MX is the brand of choice for savvier athletes and gym users. We are the largest independently-owned, and fastest growing, sports nutrition company in Europe. Top international athletes like Lewis Moody choose Sci-MX, and more personal trainers recommend our products than any other brand of sports nutrition.

We make some bold claims, but they're all backed up by real science.

No other sports nutrition company can make these statements:

We don’t fabricate our own science, dazzle you with outlandish claims, or make up elaborate names for basic ingredients. Our formulas are created by scientists in close co-operation with true training fanatics, because we understand that customers like you demand products that will make a real difference to your training, your physique and your results.

Sci-MX is the intelligent choice.

SCI-MX European top quality sports nutrition

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